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2 Cricket World Cup is an award winning 3D cricket game is challenging, fun and realistic. Customize your player and the team bring a personal touch to cricket at the highest level.

Various tournaments impressive 3D graphics

Cricket World Cup 2 offers beautiful graphics and animations that offer give satisfactorybackground on different challenges. ER5 control several tournaments before mistrzemsport. Smooth picture Because of the high količineanimacija games. In fact, there contains more than 100 animation stop motion. From the perspective of sound is also impressive professional audio feedback will bring great benefitto engage in the process. Player, which grew by practical training, as well as injuries and the possibility of different camera angles, this game is deepened well-rounded experience.

Realism Cricket Field

Realsim offer the Cricket World Cup 2 will greatly regret fanovesport.There are many options for play and a comprehensive set of principles and features that can be found in the real world of cricket. AI competitors can be a challenge for those who want to play the game solo. several stadiums really adds to the polished style of play as a whole.

  1. World Cricket Championship 2 Download
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  3. World Cricket Championship 2 Torrent Download

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