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Of Diana, the isles that are in the hold of the woman, do you wonder when the prince of the Amazon with the prince of the race of the great unconquered in strength and filled it with an immortal body of women, they are present these pieces have been created.

Language: English

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GeneralRelease date: June 1 2017

Genre: Action / Adventure / Superhero

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Dispenser, Warner Bros. pictures

Starring: Gal Gado, Chris pine-trees, Lucy Davis, Lucius Annaeus, Nielsen, Robin Wright

Director: Patty Jenkins

Type: 2D

Before the woman who was surprised, Diana, Princess of the Amazon warriorI was trained. antequod wondering for the woman Diana, Princess of the Amazons, trained invincible warrior. Built rages when in paradise island to protect the American rushes over him and talks about the conflict greater than the outside world, Diana leaves home and persuaded to stop threats.The strength of the soldiers in the battle, the last world war are not destined to find Diana.

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