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Tux Paint is paint and drawing application allows many children to the first steps in the art based on computer!

Tux Paint interface is very focused on children. It is colorful and simple and will appeal even small children.To facilitate a friendly this child, allow them to choose the image Thumbnail of them were saved and recording and retrieval functions automatically without any problems, althoughsengajamenutup program.

Tux Paint is to establish appropriate child appears in a completely separate is not accessible through the interface design.

Here you can modify certain adjustments to make it suitable for use by all,Including what appears in the interface design color Tux, language and sound effects.

daripadasudut views of children, Tux Paint must be fantastic. It has a bunch of features – Tux rich color, design and magical effect and a variety of brushes.

Some features appear in the brush just after choice,But dig a little you will find them all.


More than 100 new projects have been added, and Windows 95/98 / Home Compatibility

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