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Tibetan Mastiff, who lives in the mountains of snow, the dog has a reef life simple: Protect the village of making wool gangster Linnux rabid wolf and his pack. To avoid distraction, mastiff Khampa leader banned all music from the mountain. But Khampas son discovered VODradio fell accompanying plane, taking only a few guitar licks seal his future: VOD wanted to be a rock star. However, this means that challenges his parents wishes, the city enteredand razmyashchayuchyLegendarny – and social – a musician who has to write a new song AngusSkattergud and quickly. VOD put together a band, helping Angus with his song, and conspiracy to defeat the wolf to take the mountains of snow, his life in harmony. Drive is something that will always dreamed: More than you … more than rock the hell ynROCK DOG!

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