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Microsoft Office 2016 suite for Windows is the bread and butter product of the company, yet when it comes to income, withdrawal, although specific focus platform for Windows. This version of Office for Android and IOS, Windows Phone before and a Mac to Windows, such in the case of Office 2016.

All minor changes

Aftergo through the process plant will duzuProzedura Microsoft Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word installed on all the latest versii.Vazhno it is that these programs are not available and must be downloaded separately as package should know. If you love a previous version of the programit is worth not need to run Office 2013 side by side in 2016, the machine is running, so it can be taken into account, it is worth to you.

Now you will notice that many aalde Lync Skype for Business.

At first glance, the words layout is very similar to the 2013 version, although a touchmore colorful Word BlueNachelo interface Ribbon. icons are arranged in a different way, but the main options are the same.

In addition to spectacular Tell Me a field that is little more than a search da.Adibidez Help menu for this would be the type of comments suggesting that the function of releaseplace, but instead tells you how to start a comment, the function automatically Excel and PowerPoint doen.Hierdie found.

The second major addition to edit the document in real time, which means that we will see working document on the screen is exactly what the other person. thisfunction is now available at Office Online.

Behind the scenes improvements

Excel is a slightly simplified menu, but the interface is substantially the same as the previous version. while teziizangoizan can not be any change in the surface, many people who used to work in Excel, Microsoft is pleasedof its business intelligence (BI) to strengthen the functions can see outside.

The company is an integrated part of their two for only distinguish what they were in previous versions of Office. These supplements include Power Query, business users can easily accessData in the field of information technology (ezagutzenautozerbitzuko as BI); and Power View, which allows users to more easily data dokladvatizgradi them. There are various graphics and a new board, a map of wood, Sunburst, jumping, Box mustache, and a histogram Pareto.

A new addition isverbandmet OneDrive, so you need to attach a file directly from your cloud storage.

There are quite a few changes that Microsoft made visible to the naked eye, but in the wrong hands the package, as well as improvements to accessibility and improvements to IT managers who want to deploy it will helpdata protection.


OroKato Overall, Office 2016, Windows changes is small and, as a function of available Tell me you wont see occasional user. bright in terms of BI capabilities, users of Microsoft strides.

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