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Talking Tom is my game PET virtual featuring a star talking cat and tom cat 2, you need to keep Tom happy to feed him, scattering him to take her to the bathroom, sleep and play with him,

More interactive than ever

Speaking of the volume to support the basic functions, such as the application of the catTom, but takes things a little more, it gives you much more work, and takes you to the level of parents.

You can do all the basic things that you can say Tom Cat, and another talk with animals, Tom, to get back to what you said in a loud voice, and interactWith him, touching in different ways. But the form “I say Tom” now feels more like a pool, Pet virtual game. There is more to do with feline friends, like playing mini games, customize the look, choose food and decorate your Tom house.

GolyamFunktsiyata Another example is the possibilityCreating a video that will share with the world.

In the new “talking my” house Tom is needed for games, you go, or can be purchased. You can claim the system by spending time aligning the cat and making sure that their needs are met. When you go up, youWill unlock new items and items from the store.

There is a mini me Tom, Beats Center, which gives you the opportunity to meet and spechelite Moneti Entertainment Tom.

How to play My Talking Tom

Just like in “Poe” (tammatchis and on this issue), your pet in the “My discussion” Tom identified”Need” that must be met. This principle is easy to understand, but when you play “My discussions” Tom first, imagine that you are a good show.

Four meters is needed Entertainment (filled with a wonderful conversation with a tom or watching a mini-game), food (stuffedWith food in the mouth), the bladder (stuffed with a toilet), and fatigue burns the light). To perform any of these actions, just touching the icon.

How does it look like?

Photos submitted by meTom not razviliMnogo feline Volume 2 Most cats are still the same (although you can adjustHis) and his squeaky voice too. In addition, it seems that Tom is the only character that appears in the game (for example, No sign of his girlfriend Angela speech or his neighbors is not the dog embarrassed Ben said.

The interesting feature of Sir Tom is my chance to visit other players and check,As they decorate them. You can also search for sakrovishteSandatsi, where you can get more coins.

There is also a mini-game in which you can guess what Tom is wearing, which is pretty fun especially for young players.


If you are a fan of the Talking Cat or Pou, you willEnjoy talking Tom, since it combines the best elements of both. However, some of them may find the process of constantly paying attention to the cat’s bit annoying and dark.

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