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It has long been the site we have published a new file manager, now the day has come. If you suddenly decide to download the order to our newsletter to complete moreYou can be pretty good to work with a file system filter and a good alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. Please note that in ancient times the program is paid for by the developerodluchigo, not to be greedy and do it all, plus a little of his.

Multi order to work with the information and support efficient display panels will be used for working more comfortably with files.According to the development of this project will have absolutely everything you need for working comfortably with files, you now need to take much less time to perform the operation simple. Of course,You get all the features standard manager files, which you can copy, move, rename, and perform operations related to the files selected.

Multi Commander looks more certain,Such as support for open automatically files, sorting automatically, you can view files, registry editor and connect to the server remotely, that is, support for FTP there.You can see all types of files and images, and support letters for a number of operations avtomatizacijagolem allowed. Interact more order to use simple, does take a bit early, it seems manyBut using then quickly backed Russian, therefore, a huge number of settings verstehenVon not be so difficult, usually, the program I liked and, it is born.

Thanks to the box,You can open multiple tabs Commission the same, it is very convenient, I always just set. With built-in memory allows you to view files quickly. Multi Commander allows you to customize the appearance of the interface.You change the background color and other settings of the main window of, you can program in a variety of plug-in, you can set permissions for files differ, not much, many largeviewers, you not only can see pictures and documents slushaatAudio composition. Overall color over command can be a very long time, especially on the part of the official website,You can read about all the details, and I’m about to review small.

  1. Multi Commander v6 download torrent
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  3. Multi Commander v6 download torrent

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