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Excel 2013 book and a powerful database program included in Office 2013.

Excel has always been a very powerful program, if you know how to use it. Microsoft Excel 2013 user data inputs are specifically designed for ease of use, Excel 2013 will analyze data and provide advice on the best way to present the data. Sufficient comprehensive data, although it will be analyzed, and the opportunity to PivotTablediserahkan automatic.

There is also a new feature called FlashFill, which will help to form bad data formatted into something understandable. Data is classified to the appropriate column. It’s so much work it takes to complete your data Flash killer for them to decide whether to upgrade to Excel 2013 can be characterized by the hands of the organization.

An improvement in Excel 2013Ini nice to feel organic. There are few animations fast Windows Phone aurkitu8 repeat, this program helps you feel less clinical. Animated and helps guide your visionOf what is being done at the time of Excel.

But the ribbon interface remains are tweaked more useful. Icons and colors are well grouped. Excel 2013 is a new opportunity to draw a picture of the network, the Microsoft account AndaLayanan it is for you. Automatic creation of Excel 2013 that will extract information from your account.

Excel 2013 is still the fear of the number of features, it has more intelligent, easier to work with data. Microsoft Excel 2013 did a very good job,And every day Excel can use to upgrade.

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