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Excel 2013 is a powerful and the working database notebook application that is included in Office 2013.

Excel has always been a very powerful statement if you know how to use it. Microsoft specifically targeted use of simple Excel 2013. When priemdanni users, Excel 2013 will analizirovatDannyetype it and give suggestions on the best way to present the data. If the data is complete enough even to analyze it and to provide an opportunity to make a pivot table automatically.

takaIma, as well as a new feature called Flash-Fill, which will help to put plohootformatirovannyedata in something understandable. The data will be sorted in the appropriate columns for you. It requires so much work of manually organize your data, flash-Napalnetemozhe be a killer feature for those who decide whether to supplement Excel 2013.

one bolshoyuluchshenie in Excel 2013 as an organiche feels. There is little fast animations that mimic those found in OS Windows Telefon8 helps napraviprograma feel less clinical. Animations are not distracted and helps focus on what is currently doing Excel.

interfeysLenta remains, but tweaked tobe useful. Icons are grouped different colors and beautiful. There is a new optsiyav Excel 2013 to exit from the pictures on the internet services that are associated with your account at Microsoft. To create an Excel 2013 automatically, it will remove the data from the vashegoprofil.

Excel 2013, while stillthen a grand amount of features, it has become more intelligent, which makes it easier to work with data. Microsoft has done an excellent job with Excel 2013 and Excel, who use on a daily basis should be updated.

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