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Itunes that allows audio and video to your iOS devices, as well as download content you need to manage and use the Apple iTunes Music Store. It’s all a house of music and video, although zureBat really stand out.

Better than ever

First, iTunes allows you to import and manage their music files. It’s a great sound, a lot of ways to view and organize music playlists, and you can set the record automáticaqueridos emanez.Erraz as ‘recently added’because of the time period it is important to show themselves. bitarteaniTunes has a number of formats supported: FLAC, may also be the best way to organize your music.

You can also purchase iTunes. Here the music, podcast and you’ll find videos, plus what you can immediately buy a device that will not go-tikApple your iTunes account.

Apple’s music service within the city iTunes.Cunha water, access to more than 30 million songs in Apple’s music library. Compared to their Spotify,but it does not have the same social aspects of this project izan.Apple in music radio, DJ hits fresh water for 1 to celebrate the owner based on the genre of its own station. music stations have a lot of things, and start algorithm that dezakezuApple music station. Read more about it here.

Manage devices

iTunes is a tool to manage iOS devices; iPhone, iPad and iPod. What do you want to iTunes Music dezakezusinkronizatu devices and books, movies, TV shows, podcasts and more. After using theSync iTunes to work with iOS, but there are some problems.

The main problem is to quickly connect devices and only music hobetuAdibidez. So, this means that the device you want to sync and backup software for Mac and the others. When you are in a hurry and just bought the latest album lortzekoiPhone, which is really frustrating.

However, its safety performance, and when you connect a new device, you can quickly access the data in it.

complete package

Some complain iTunesbitarteanLong and a puffy, not fast, efficient and well-organizadosbiblioteca. In the field of film and television music feels a little underdeveloped in comparison, but focused on iTunes elsewhere. a place to keep your music collection as a reliable and useful real. Of Apple’s iTunes music is pretty much the whole package.

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