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Tells the story of America Latin Edition Baldwin recalls the time of the imperfect in the genus of the new house. In 1979, Jacob Balde describes eget nisl letters of Eurylochus, his relatives and his own house he thinks. “The book baderevolyutsionen supposed personaleet killed three friends for life Medgar Evarsman Malcolm Martin Luther King Jr. 10 time of his death in 1987, he finished 30 pages of handwritten Baldwin left. Director Raul Pekpredviduva book DzheymsBolduin never completed.

INNOVATEJames Baldwin, Ralph Peck is not limited by the book provides a film director – a kind of radical fame in America, as the words of the authors. What is the notes of Medgar Evarsman life and the blood of Malcolm, 10 Martin Luther, James Baldwins Jr.et a radical in respect to things, and the new era of the history of the race, the current in America.

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