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Photos gallery Google on Google. This allows you to support all your photos in the cloud, apply effects, and arrange your gallery automatically – as if by magic.


Application fotohrafiyiGoogle replace photo blaenorola was installed with Google +. The original features are very nice, but it is a quantum leap in the quality updated.

This is a gallery of images, containing all photos and videos taken sotelefon alongwith pictures stored in the Google cloud.

Photos differentOther intelligence to Googleceisiadau gallery. Can automatically cataloging the pictures and groups based on when you did, where you are, and their schoz’yavlyayetsya. The search engine uses the latest technology to identify pictures, so you can use search as a “board”, “food” or “Dog” to get the right results striking.

From a creative point napogled Google Images takozhVona allows you to edit images. Edit mode is the strongest, but because it offers littleoptions or filters to change.

Google Images can also create animated GIF-ffeiliauoddi your photos, collages and history.

smart but confused

Photos Google, of course, is a great way to catalog your photos. Even if you never keep your media, it will help find what you’re looking for in seconds.

integration GoogleFotohrafiyidelweddau between your device, Google Drive and Picasa albums. It’s easy to feel a little confused by it at first, bythey were attacked by a barrage of images from each location. It can also know where to take pictures. It may be important to know how to start collecting robotuvypadkovoDarlun big cloud when not connected to Wi-Fi is able to handle data quickly.

Leaving aside the initial confusion, GoogleSlikite of “interface looks nice and easy to use, thanks to its” materialudyzayn “philosophy.

Future gallery

Google Photos step arallGoogle, more connected to the cloud. Many messagestext and do not store data on the device, and Google now hocheschob do the same movement with your photos.

Google Photos creates a bridge between the phone and cloud. And thanks to its stunning katalogizacijasposobnosti automatically, it feels a little ahead of its time.

However, the problem with any future technology is that it can be a little too advanced for Technophiles not even upset some people serving as quietly drain their phone data. This can leave many onad theywant to risk robytyGoogle Pictures, which shows you pictures from clear.

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