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Samanta Transcend young woman who has it all: combating worthy friend, friends, best and incredibly Drop Dead Gorgeous appearance. February 12th is just another day in the life Sams so keen was the last. I convicted reliving his last day in nedeljine be described,I unravels the mystery of his death and find the true value of all that is in danger of losing.

Before I FallPopular zhenschinSamanta Transcend has everything – Friends of the ideal, the perfect man, and it seems, sempurnamasa forward, until one day, Ono was killed in a caraccident. Then he discovered that stuck, mate his last day over and over again during the week can not be described. Because he remained pal same day, Samantha began to wonder whether life is really ideal. He begins to raspadatajna around his death, including razrivsekret and those closestto him. He also found the power you have to make a difference in one day, not only for their lives, but the life around him.

Language: English

Classification: NA

General Release Date: June 6, 2017

genre: drama

Lead time: No

Distributor: GSC Movies

Starring: Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage Logan Miller,Kian Lavlei

Director: Ri-Russian Youth

Format: 2D

February 12th is just another day in the life fascinated Sempoetomu he was the last. Stuck experiencing the last day of the week can I bitiopisao unravels the mystery surrounding her death and found what he was in danger of losing. WhatIf you only have one day to menukarmutlak all? great friends, the perfect man, and a future that seems ideal: Samanta Transcend has it all. Then all promenilo.Posle fateful night, I woke up bezbuduschee general. I stuck reliving the same day over and he began to ask howreal life. And when he starts to uncover the mystery of life, suddenly derailed, he must also take secret people who are closest to him, and discover the power of one day to make a difference, tidakhania in their lives, but the lives of those around him – before go for a good time.

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