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A program of free program SSD reference determines the performance of solid state drives in computers or smart devices. This instrument contains no less than six separate tests synthetic copy and three tests. How well it worked or not, solid state drive your work and can work out any corrective actions that may be necessary as a result.

Overview AS SSD benchmark

toetssintetiese program provides both sequential and read / menuliskinerjaeach solid state drive for atopalos.Fundamentalmente, the test is done without the use of the cache of the operating system so that a true picture is likely to come to light. For example, measures in software testing ev how long it takes to get a file write 1GB in size, and then read it. Again, 4K test, read and write performance is measured as verkose4 blocks randomly selected kilobytes of memory. Another test measures how to read data and when 4KBs ditulistetapioperations are distributed to 64 threads. This test should representarNative Command Queuing (NCQ) for solid state drives, among other things, as the difference between the IDE mode – where NCQ not supported – and down AHCI.

Interaction AS SSD Benchmark

technical part of the program used wordvir professional hardware, AS SSD benchmark essentially produce a score. It allows you to test very prosesdan into something easier to understand compared to switch to another station. At the enda series of tests, for three values ​​of reading and escrituradesempeño of solid state drives as a measure issued. With ease, the test results of compression are issued in graphical format that is easier to make taking. For example, the x-axis on the graph indicates that the data saampersbaarheiddie make easy reading. In the evaluation copy, which is accessible from the menu Toolmenyalin measure was set up a number of guide test results. computer cabinet stays onthis examination so that the correct reading can be obtained. Some show driving device performance probascon perform simultaneous read and write operations on a number of conditions. Another good test is to show the operation of compression solid state drives is expressed as a function of the compressibility of the data provided word.’N major drawback is that the User Interface in German that can hanyatersedia some users off. So it is very easy towork out all the different functions without an expert linguist and a variety of screens that significantly allowedTo find out what is happening.


It is the only utilitiesbaie useful technique for computer engineers are trying to diagnose computer problems. For example, it helps you work will padatdrive the circumstances responsible for the slow progress and if the problem is with the other computer components.

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