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Action! Allows users to record their video with real experience of unparalleled quality. Not only is it good for the players, but also other additional features include Windows, full screen or screen, region, taking screenshots, saving web playermusic video and recording for later playback . High frame rates and easy integration emphasize the benefits of this truly unique package.

detailedLooking at Mirillis Action!

Action! It is very intuitive screen recorder that allows users to perform various functions within a generated rising platform. One of the first useful feature recording in real time can occur when streaming video or playing games. Even if the user switches between the screen quality and the frame rate is not affected.

nastupnohotse independent ability, this program allows gameplayilipatother devices and online resources. Three common examples but here are Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. This is known as the action! Live streaming option, and it is very popular.

In terms of quality of digital imagination little left by the professional hardware acceleration. itoUtility game uses the full HD / 4K 60pZapys function directly encoded MP4 format. Mirillis action! File with the latest hardware accelerationtechnology, such as AMD APP, NVIDIA NVENC undIntel Quick Sync Video. Very smooth video can be recorded while the file size does not take up much spacesa hard disk.

Interface and usability

One of the main advantages of this paketav compared to a similar utility, such as the game show is that it has a very intuitive interface. Thus, the user does not need a very competent delighted screen kaloobanmag enjoy its benefits. Built-inVideo Manager shows basic anFunktionen delete, share, view and download.

It is easy to understand the location of said number of recorded images and vseRozmir file group. The right side of the screen lists the various functions, including the current file format, video size and frame rate. They can be customized as needed. There is a settings menu in the upper right corner, there are many advanced features in a simpletransparent and offers the Dimensions tab. Users can easily add, comments webcammicrophone own logo or ekraniVideozapysy game. The presentation is perfect for those who interact closely with more complex platforms.

Put it all together

Mirillis action! Very similar to other products and software by the same author in tuntuninsa its efficiency and its very user friendly naturefeature. Given that multiple file formats are supported, and the ability to capture korystuvachmaye, while he actively supervise or participate in the video, the benefits are clear. The last kalamanganay to note here that there are a number of online tutorials for those who still have questions available.

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